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100-Word Competition

Short Story Competition

In August, Momspresso on the App and Instagram ran a 100-word short story competition with the theme of periods, inspired by Period Matters

The winners received copies of the anthology. It was difficult to choose the best pieces, so many of them touched on important aspects of the experience, and were movingly written. Here are the best three.

These types of ongoing efforts help to keep the conversation open and remove the shame from speaking about menstruation as a normal bodily function.  Looking forward to more such initiatives, motivated by Period Matters,  to create, draw, dance, and write freely about menstruation.

Read more at Momspresso:

Oh, What A Shame!

Her bus stop had arrived. Straightening her skirt, the girl got up and moved towards the gate.

Loud gasps following by giggles could be heard from the back. She turned to see that the girls were trying hard to suppress their laughter.

She looked around, confused. Another girl was gesticulating something which she failed to decipher.

That’s when the headboy strode up to her and said. “Girl, your periods have started. Go home, tell mum and get a napkin. Yo… You all… I find no reason in shaming her. Rather, you all should be ashamed of yourselves.”

There was pin-drop silence.

Vo Vaale Din

Periods Matter
These are the days when you are impure
And anything you touch gets poisoned
Even your shadow is enough to scare the mightiest of Gods
So during these days
You have got to Stay in Solitude
And remained confined to the
Shanty behind the Stable
I’ll come to take you with clothes new when it’s due
And the poor little girl obeyed the orders
She groaned, she cried, she wept due to pain, spasms and hunger pangs
She shivered due to the weather harsh
She feared the moonless dark nights and the howls
And then she came expecting her to have been relieved of her
‘Vo Vaale din’
To find her
Sleeping in Solitude
Gone forever
Her face revealing her pain
Period Matters
But it’s not a matter of shame
Adequate rest, healthy diet and hygiene
Is that what is required, to allow the cycle of life to sustain
During those ‘Vo Vaale Din’

On Honeymoon - Red Signal?

We were married in a typical arranged marriage set up, unlike these days, we met just once before the wedding day.

The marriage day was all about family and guests, we could hardly get time to steal any conversation. And in a trice, came the honeymoon. He was shy, I was reluctant, we really didn’t know what was the process!

As soon as we landed on the honeymoon destination, I felt those strong cramps – I signalled him that I am on my Chums. Honestly, I was a little guilty as I thought he would be waiting the romance and intimacy.

To my surprise, he smiled. As we entered the hotel room, he surprised me with some hot chocolate and a hot pack.

We snuggled and cuddled that night. He said – he was so happy that they got this chance to know each other and kindle the affinity, after all loved and bonding isn’t all about physical intimacy, right?

I beamed as he kissed my forehead and said *Ssshhh stop giggling now and don’t let our mothers know that you were on your period during the whole honeymoon, to them PERIODS MATTER!!*