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The Great P n P Blast

The Great PnP Blast

On Friday 30th September 2011, my sisters and I, together with the Kenyan artist and singer Iddi Achieng, organised a music concert, ‘The Great Panties and Pads Blast,’ at the Alliance Francaise Garden in Nairobi.

The entrance to the concert was a packet of underpants or pads, both which could be purchased at the door. We managed to raise quite a substantial number. These together with a further donation from PwP were then distributed to 4,000 women living in Nyanza Province through Iddi’s network.

During those years we were also running a small online shop in Kenya, called Maridadi, which is a Kiswahil word for ‘beautiful.’ Every time we made a sale, we donated 2 pairs of underpants to the PwP campaign. This was one way we sought to make PwP sustainable, and to try and move away from relying on donations. The Maridadi logo was a purple butterfly. You can see it on the concert banner.

The Great PnP Blast