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Why period art matters

Why Period Art Matters

Why Period Art Matters. A video of the live session held on Thursday 8th December. With Farah Ahamed, Granaz Baloch, Lyla Freechild and Amna Mawaz Khan.

Why Period Art Matters was a live session on Instagram, held on 8th December to celebrate Dignified Menstruation Day It was hosted by the publishers of Period Matters, Pan Macmillan.

The session focussed on the importance of period art as a tool for healing, community building, activism, education and as a pathway to self-connection.

Amna Mawaz Khan spoke about how she choreographed her menstrual dance, and Lyla FreeChild described how she harvested her menstrual blood and used it to paint. Granaz Baloch told how she broke a community code of honour by conducting a menstrual health workshop and encouraged participants to draw and paint their menstruation experiences. Farah Ahamed explained why she felt art was important for the book and how she went about curating it, making sure it had the visuals from male and female famous artists as well as the self expressions of  lesser known art makers.

Why Period Art Matters