Book launch at Muthaiga Country Club, Nairobi

On a warm Friday evening in March, fifteen people gathered at the Muthaiga Country Club in Nairobi to discuss period art as a way of opening up the conversation into the many ways in which menstruation is experienced. Through an engaging power point presentation, participants discussed film, art, sculpture, poetry and other artistic mediums which depicted menstruation. They made period art, shared personal experiences and talked about how periods were shrouded in myths and shame.

For me, it was a wonderful homecoming. It was the first event in Kenya for Period Matters, and almost all the participants were friends from my school Loreto Convent, Kaplan and Stratton where I did my legal pupillage, and my family.

It was heartening to see that a conservative venue like the Muthaiga Club was period friendly and open to discussions. The book club facilitator, Tehmeena Manji went out of her way to ensure that the event was a success. After the stressful experience in Lahore, being able to speak without fear in Nairobi about the book was a huge relief.

A funny thing happened. I was taking a walk in the gated compound where my sister and her family live and the neighbour stopped me. She said, ‘I saw your poster at the Muthaiga Club,’ which really took me by surprise. At the Club I found the poster was stuck behind the door of every loo. That really made me laugh.